Welcome to Science Center Building Operations! Our team maintains the physical building in support of the teaching and research mission of Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences. 

Building Operations provides services for:

  • Oversight of the building's electrical, mechanical, plumbing, heating, and cooling systems
  • Requests for repairs, painting, custodial issues, leaks, and temperature complaints
  • Scheduling of all non-departmental classrooms, lecture halls, and public space in the Science Center
  • Management of key and card access, lost-and-found, and pest control for the building

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Science Center Exterior Caulking Replacement Project - Phase 1 will begin Monday 6/21/21

Scope of Work:
The caulking will be removed from between exterior panels and from around exterior windows, then replaced with new sealant. The existing caulking contains Asbestos, therefore it will be removed by a state-certified and Harvard-approved abatement contractor under the supervision of a state-certified and Harvard-approved hygienist. All work will be performed from staging outside the building. All windows within 10 feet of the work space will be sealed from the inside with tape and poly sheeting. Air sampling will be part of this project to monitor air quality throughout the project. All of this work will be performed per the work plan prepared by the project hygienist firm and approved by MA EPA, also in accordance with all Harvard, local, state, federal, and OSHA regulations, standards and guidelines. All regulatory agencies have been notified and all required notices filed. Below are links to elevation drawings of the exterior of the building that illustrate where work will take place for each phase of the project. Office will have their windows sealed from the inside prior to any work being performed directly outside of the office. There is no need to vacate the office while exterior work is being performed.