Vehicle parking is available at metered spots on Oxford Street. Temporary and longer-term parking spaces at neighboring parking lots are available by reservation through Harvard Parking. Science Center building occupants and vendors who need the building code for Harvard Parking contact Science Center Building Operations.

Motorcycles & Scooters

Contact Harvard Parking for information about on-campus parking for motorcycles and scooters.


Bicycle racks are conveniently located on the north, south, and west sides of the Science Center. There is space for 127 bikes around the building:

  • The northwest side of the building near the Music Building's Paine Hall has a 19-bike capacity
  • The southeast of the building at the Plaza in front of Cabot Science Library has a 64-bike capacity.  
  • The west side of the building by Music Paine Hall has a 32-bike capacity.
  • The west side of the building by Lecture Hall A and across from Littauer has a 12-bike capacity.

Bike owners must refrain from locking bikes to trees or temporary barriers. Note that the bike racks are intended for short-term use.  Bikes left at the racks for extended periods of time will be tagged and dated. After two-weeks, tagged bikes will be considered abandoned and will be removed and sent to recyling.

Location of Bike Racks around the Science Center:


Bike Racks - Northwest side of the Science CenterNorthwest side near Paine Hall



Bike Racks - Southeast side of the Science Center
Southeast side by the Plaza



Bike Racks - West side of the Science CenterWest Side by the Music Building



Bike Racks - West side across from the Littauer Building
West side across from Littauer