Facility Maintenance Requests

Emergency Maintenance

For facility maintenance which requires immediate attention, such as a water leak, call the Harvard Operations Control Center at 617-495-5560. Please identify yourself, specify that you are in the Science Center, give the room number, location, and nature of the problem.

Emergencies Contacts

Non-Emergency Maintenance

PRESTO Work Order Request Form

For non-emergency facility maintenance requests (hang a picture, pick up recycling, move furniture, etc.), submit an online work order request through the PRESTO work order system using the link above. Sign in with your Harvard ID and Harvard Key to access the site. Select a Building, Location, and Problem from drop-down menus; provide details of the problem; click "Submit Work Request." This website can be used to enter all non-urgent requests. PRESTO work order entries are reviewed daily by the Science Center Building Operations Team and assigned to the proper person(s) for completion.

We're here to help! If for any reason this system is not working, call the building manager at 617-495-2653, the building services coordinator at 617-496-8058, or the administrative coordinator at 617-496-2122.